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0. Left & Right Brain
1. Masking Alpha Channel
2. Rods & Cones
3. LGN: Magno & Parvo
4. SC: Superior Colliculus
5. Primary Visual Cortex
6. Dorsal - Ventral Stream
7. Eye Movements
8. Oculomotor System
9. Balance System
10. Ectopia & Microgyrus
11. Genetic Etiology
12. Reading
13. Animals
14. Conclusion / Solution
15. Different Theories
16. Peace of Mind
13.3 Frogs & Toads

Frog eyes come in a stunning range of colors and patterns. Most frogs see well only at a distance, but they have excellent night vision and are very sensitive to movement. The bulging eyes of most frogs allow them to see in front, to the sides, and partially behind them. Eyes positioned atop the head give frogs a field of vision of almost 180 degrees. This peripheral vision helps them spot predators and prey. Humans and other mammals focus images by changing the shape of the lens. Like a camera lens, frog eyes focus by moving the lens back and forth, and the pupils working as the primary view masking alpha area, aligning it's (1.5 Alignment) view.

(Funny Detail: When a frog swallows food, it pulls its eyes down into the roof of his mouth. The eyes help push the food down his throat.)

 Frogs & Toads are hunters who eat small instects such as fly's, fast moving targets, so they need a pricise tracking system. Just like cats who catch mice and birds (quick moving objects), their pupils become line shape when they have to focus.


The pupils of Frogs & Toads come in all kinds of shapes:

  • Round
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Heart-Shaped (Oriental fire-bellied Toads)

Some frogs have Triangular pupils, and some even have Star-Shaped pupils!

(source: )

 This last group with Heart-Shaped pupils is interesting when it come to alignment, when we closely look at the skin-pattern of Oriental fire-bellied Toads we can see that they have direction lines on the front of their beak/belly.


The Fire pattern works as a clock-like alignment-system that helps as a precise hold-on for the toad's view to catch insects.


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