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0. Left & Right Brain
1. Masking Alpha Channel
2. Rods & Cones
3. LGN: Magno & Parvo
4. SC: Superior Colliculus
5. Primary Visual Cortex
6. Dorsal - Ventral Stream
7. Eye Movements
8. Oculomotor System
9. Balance System
10. Ectopia & Microgyrus
11. Genetic Etiology
12. Reading
13. Animals
14. Conclusion / Solution
15. Different Theories
16. Peace of Mind
2.2 Rods, Cones, Facial Masking & Alignment (Alpha)

When seeing straight forward, the Nasal-Masking-Alpha-region is projected on the outer region of the Retina beyond point B1 away from the Foveal area, the rest of the Visual View-field is unblocked. When looking for a reflection of that Alpha-region on the Retina and it's Rods & Cones profile, we find some noticeable resemblances. The table shows two bumps (A1 & B1) at the left side of the Rods Volume and 2 more (A2 & B2) at the right side. B1 Corresponds with the the beginning of the appearance of the Nasal-Masking-Alpha-Area in the View-field, in the table and at this point the quantity of Rods seems to diminish.

When the eyes look sideways until the Right eye loses touch with the Nasal-Masking-Alpha-Area between point B1 and C1, at the same turning-point, the left eye gets in touch with the Nasal-area at point A1. All these key-points correspond to bumps in the diagram where the percentage of Rods take a drop.


Conclusion: The places where the eyes get in contact with the Alpha area are represented as thresholds in the table, this means that the Alpha-Area correspondent to acting as a threshold that guides our view. Keep in mind that the bumps are situated in the peripheral Rods-fields of the Retina, that defines "Contrast and Movement".


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